The goal of this article is to show the evidence of a deterioration of civil and governmental society, and to remind the public (especially Millennials) that the solution resides in a new Renaissance, like the one which changed Italy in the 13th century.

 Why talk of the Renaissance in Florence Italy more than 500 years ago?  The reason is that medieval Italy (much like America today) was stuck in governmental mediocracy.

The feeling was “anything is possible” and the citizenry grew in confidence that the Renaissance would go on indefinitely. It did, in fact, persist for years and the idea of humanistic renaissance spread throughout Europe. 


 A mini-Renaissance actually did occur in the United States after the Second World War.  In 1945 the fighting stopped, and millions of men and women returned to their homes. The result was quick growth of the economy, a major baby boom, and the formation of new households and building of thousands of new homes.

Investment in manufacturing made the U.S. the dominant industry in the world and led to great wealth.

Despite wars in Korea and Vietnam, the feeling was of optimism that the new success would go on indefinitely. However, after 50 years the U.S. was running out of steam. And the post war renaissance has faltered.


 In 2008 a major recession caused high levels of individual concern, and loss of assets was significant.

 The social feeling of optimism also declined. 

 There are fewer effective civil leaders, and the U.S. Congress became “owned” by special interests. 

Sending jobs to cheaper off-shore sites meant are rise in unemployment. 

Tax breaks were given to the already rich and middle-class earnings hardly rose. 

Climate change is dramatically altering our lives and gets worse by the year.

 Violence, especially gun violence, has increased to epic levels. In the USA there are more guns per population than any other country, and guns have become available to young shooters in every state.

The second amendment has been mischaracterized.  In the 18th century it referred to small state militias which were allowed to have muskets. Now 2nd Amendment promoters expect to own many powerful automatic weapons, suitable only for wartime.

 Race relations have improved, but there is still widespread hidden existence of white supremacy.

 There have been important improvements in the roles of women. However, there is a decline in the roles of men in what has been called “toxic masculinity.” 

Education has become trivialized. At local levels school boards are threatened by angry citizens. College courses in history and civics are no longer required.

 Mental health disorders, especially among young people, are more prevalent and often related to excess use of social media. This can result in homelessness and increased suicides.


Young persons need to be more proud to be Americans. 

Young people must demand improvement in all aspects of our society.

This article has a goal of stimulating debate on social media and more. Add your thoughts and suggestions.

Elections move slowly but certainly are needed to elect civil heroes; get involved.

Universities must give up “woke “ philosophy. The colleges need to return to educating scholars.

 Young people must be involved in political life and demand that present politicians be replaced by those who want policy, not angry ad hominem self-promotions. 


  • Get everyone you know to read this; millions can make a difference. 
  • Make the word “Renaissance” part of your conversations and thoughts.
  • Begin to produce Renaissance ideas that challenge the existing problems societally and in government.
  • Be aggressive in demanding faster action to limit fossil fuel production and use.
  • Take an active role in political parties; make registration drives reach young people.
  • Be optimistic; Have hope, it is the only useful option.

We need a new generation of thinkers and activists convinced that a new Renaissance is critical to our democracy, and establish an action structure for the next 50 years.
Will this happen soon? Unlikely, until older people who once said “don’t trust anyone under 30,” is replaced by young people who should now say “don’t trust anyone over 40.”

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  1. My grandfather, Dr. Robert Scott, submitted this to you and paid you for it to be posted as an editorial. He deserves the credit. You did not write this.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand the importance of properly crediting your grandfather, Dr. Robert Scott, for his contribution. Rest assured, we are in the process of rectifying this oversight and ensuring that due credit is given where it is deserved. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we address this matter with our team.

  2. Credit has not been corrected. Please do this immediately. It has been a month since you said this was being rectified.

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