Explore Different Types of Kurtas for Kids

Explore Different Types of Kurtas for Kids

Buying clothes for kids is fun. You get to pick cute and comfortable things for them to wear. Traditional Indian clothes like kurtas are a great choice. Kurtas come in lots of different styles that look nice on kids. You can dress up your kid in a kurta for festivals, family parties, or just a regular day. Here are some popular types of kurtas for kids

Straight Cut Kurtas

Straight kurtas are basic but look very nice. They fit comfortably and let kids move around easily. These kurtas often have bright, fun colors. You can match them with leggings or churidars on the bottom. Straight kurtas work well for both girls and boys. They give a look that’s both traditional Indian yet modern.

Angrakha Kurtas

Angrakha kurtas have an overlapping front, similar to clothes worn in Rajasthan. This style looks quite ethnic and traditional. The crossed over design fits comfortably while looking neat and put-together. Angrakha kurtas come in many kinds of fabrics. You can pick some with detailed embroidery or decorative designs. These special touches take the kurta from plain to grand. Angrakha kurtas make great outfits for festivals and Indian celebrations.

Jacket Style Kurtas

Some boys kurta now come with matching jackets. The jacket can be sewn on or separate. Adding a jacket makes the outfit look more formal and polished. The jackets often have decorative buttons, embroidery, special stitching, or fabric patches. This takes the kurta to the next level of style. Kurtas with jackets work for both dressy and casual situations. You can match them with pants, leggings, or salwars.

Sherwani Kurtas

Sherwani kurtas have a royal feel, similar to what Mughal kings and princes would wear. They are covered in fancy embroidery, sequins, mirrors, beads, gold or silver thread, etc. This decorative work makes them perfect for weddings and big festivals. Along with the kurta, you can get matching pants or a dhoti. Sherwanis have a luxurious look that makes any boy seem like Indian royalty!

Mixing Indian and Western – Fusion Kurtas

Fusion kurtas combine traditional silhouettes with modern cuts and prints. They have an Indo-Western vibe. The patterns may be asymmetrical or the fabrics could have unusual textures. Some have bold graphic prints. You can match these kurtas with jeans, trousers, or dhoti pants. They work well for parties, casual weekends, or cultural programs at school. Fusion kurtas let kids mix Indian and Western dress styles. Explore some kids indian wear

Printed Kurtas

Printed kurtas have become very popular for kids who like colorful clothes. You can find kurtas with all kinds of prints – flowers, paisleys, polka dots, elephants, paisleys, and more. These lightweight cotton kurtas are comfy for daily wear. Pair them with leggings, jeans, or palazzo pants for a stylish look. Printed kurtas allow kids to make a lively fashion statement while still being comfortable.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Kid

When picking kurtas for your children, think about where they will wear it and what they like to wear. Kurtas come in so many varieties that you can find options for traditional festivals or laidback weekends. Go for straight kurtas for an easy, fuss-free choice. 

Angrakhas and sherwanis make striking ensembles for weddings and celebrations, while printed and fusion kurtas work just as well for school events or casual fun. You are sure to find one of these styles that your child enjoys wearing! With all these choices of children’s kurtas available today – chances are good they will!

Kurtas make an ideal ethnic wear choice for children of any occasion or event, from formal festivals to casual everyday attire. Ranging in fabric type, silhouette, prints and embroideries – as well as endless bottom options and accessories! When picking one for your child it is important to keep in mind their event, comfort level, style preferences and individual personal taste when making this decision.

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