How are Salesforce Development companies beneficial for businesses?

Boosting productivity and efficiency is a key focus for entrepreneurs today. Many businesses are now integrating cloud-based applications into their operations, with Salesforce standing out as a powerful tool for customer relationship management (CRM). 

To leverage Salesforce’s full potential, hiring a skilled Salesforce developer is essential. This blog will guide you through the benefits of hiring a Salesforce developer on board, showing how it can tailor the platform to your business needs and automate workflows for enhanced customer relationships. 

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Salesforce Development Market in Australia

  • According to the IDC Global Report, the Salesforce economy is expected to generate a staggering USD 1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026. 
  • In Australia, Salesforce is set to contribute approximately AUD 48.6 billion to the economy. 
  • The report indicates that 51% of companies consider cloud ecosystems crucial for their overall success. 
  • Salesforce’s annual revenue for the year reached $31.4 billion, marking an impressive 18.4% increase from the $26.5 billion recorded in 2021.

What does a Salesforce development company offer?

  1. Salesforce Customization:

Companies specializing in Salesforce customization services help businesses tailor the Salesforce platform to their specific needs. They can customize the user interface, create custom fields and objects, set up workflows and automation, and integrate third-party applications.

  1. App Development:

Salesforce development companies build custom applications on the Salesforce platform to extend its functionality and address unique business requirements.

  1. Salesforce Integration Services:

These companies assist businesses in integrating Salesforce with other systems and applications, such as ERP, marketing automation tools, e-commerce platforms, or databases. Salesforce integration services ensure smooth data flow and prevent data silos.

  1. Salesforce Data Migration:

They help migrate data from legacy systems or other CRM platforms to Salesforce, ensuring accurate mapping and transfer without loss or corruption.

  1. Salesforce Consulting:

Companies providing Salesforce consulting services offer expert guidance to help businesses maximize the benefits of Salesforce. They analyze business requirements, suggest best practices, and provide strategic recommendations for optimizing Salesforce implementation.

  1. Support and Maintenance:

Salesforce development companies often provide ongoing support and maintenance services, assisting businesses with bug fixing, troubleshooting, performance optimization, and platform upgrades to ensure uninterrupted Salesforce operations.

Hiring a Salesforce developer offers several advantages, including expertise in Salesforce development, reduced development time, cost savings, and access to specialized resources. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while relying on experts to handle Salesforce-related development and maintenance tasks.

When To Hire A Salesforce Development Company?

  1. Limited internal expertise

Hiring Salesforce developers can be advantageous if your organization lacks experienced developers or administrators. These companies have skilled professionals specializing in Salesforce development, offering the expertise needed to optimize and customize the Salesforce platform based on your business requirements.

  1. Complex customization requirements

Salesforce’s high customization capability allows businesses to tailor it to their needs. However, complex customization tasks might surpass your internal team’s capabilities. In such situations, a Salesforce developer can guide you through complexities and implement advanced customizations to meet your unique business demands.

  1. Time-sensitive projects

It’s a wise choice for projects needing immediate attention. These companies can dedicate a skilled team to your project, working efficiently to meet tight deadlines. With their expertise and resources, they accelerate the development process, ensuring timely project delivery.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Contrary to popular belief, hiring Salesforce developers can often be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team. It eliminates additional expenses like training, infrastructure, salaries, and benefits associated with an internal team. Outsourcing to a specialized company can lead to faster development cycles, reducing time-to-market and resulting in cost savings.

  1. Expertise in integrations

Salesforce often requires integration with other systems in an organization’s technology stack. This complex process demands expertise in integration methodologies and tools. Salesforce development companies have experience integrating Salesforce with various third-party systems, ensuring seamless data flow and connectivity across your organization.

  1. Ongoing support and maintenance

After completing your Salesforce implementation, you may need ongoing support and maintenance services. A Salesforce app development company can provide dedicated support teams to address issues, perform system maintenance, and deliver regular upgrades and enhancements, ensuring your instance remains efficient and up-to-date.

How to hire a Salesforce Development Partner for your business?

  1. Planning

Choosing a Salesforce Development Partner requires careful planning. Ensure the selected company excels in detailed planning, backed by solid experience. They should set clear timelines, milestones, and effectively manage their time, avoiding last-minute issues during project implementation.

  1. Affordable price

When hiring a Salesforce development company, consider pricing. Look for professionals who offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. A company like Girikon provides result-driven services with a global delivery model at an affordable price.

  1. Evaluate the company profile

Explore the company’s website and social media to gauge their professionalism and work quality. An updated and active online presence reflects their commitment. A professionally designed web presence is a valuable asset that showcases their work quality.

  1. Domain Expertise

Select a Salesforce development company with expertise in your domain, increasing project success chances. Review their prior experience, focusing on projects in your industry. Check how they resolved business cases and go through their case studies for a comprehensive understanding.

  1. The Development Team

Assess the development team of your chosen partner. Understand their interaction, structure, and core skills. Ensure their skills cover all aspects of your project. Check the number of certified Salesforce professionals and their recent certifications.

  1. Curiosity

Consider the curiosity level of your Salesforce development partner as a crucial factor. A great partner stays updated on Salesforce upgrades and new features. They should demonstrate eagerness to learn and apply new tools, integrations, and hacks, showcasing dedication to continuous improvement.

How Does Salesforce Revive Businesses?

More than half of organizations utilizing CRM solutions find that Salesforce excels in delivering personalized customer service, with 4 in 5 customers experiencing greater ease in meeting their needs compared to other CRM offerings. The cloud’s accessibility empowers employees to access data anywhere, providing a unified account for client records across sales, finance, and legal teams.

 Salesforce’s intelligent features streamline data management, reducing the time spent searching and entering data. This platform has significantly transformed business operations, allowing sales teams to focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks.


Choosing a top Salesforce Development company in Australia comes with numerous advantages for your business. Customizing Salesforce solutions according to your unique needs allows for valuable business insights and data-driven decision-making. 

The ongoing support provided by a trustworthy Salesforce app development company ensures that your project stays current with the latest features and best practices. This strategic partnership not only keeps you ahead in the competitive landscape but also sets the stage for long-term success.

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